Choosing the Right Sanitization Method for Your Pool

24.08.21 11:17 AM

After a successful pool installation, the most difficult and meticulous part follows - maintenance. It can be a struggle to get your hands on the right kind of sanitization method as there is a wide variety of options available. Picking the correct method of sanitization depends on several factors like depth and area of the pool, the climate of the locality, frequency of usage, the budget of maintenance, to name a few. 

We will help you decide what suits your needs the most and keep your pool spick, span, and clean for days. Know more about chlorine, salt, and ionization methods of sanitization and make a well-informed pick.

Chlorine Sanitization - Chlorine has been used as a method for the purification of water for decades. It is effective in destroying bacteria and keeping germs at bay from your pool. Chlorine sanitization comes with a lot of pros, for instance, availability is very high, you can get your hands on chlorine tablets, granules, powder, or in a liquid form easily. Chlorine is also very cost-effective and perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly method of cleaning your pool. Chlorine can also be stored longer so you can use it from time to time in the longer run. 

However, chlorination comes with its own set of cons too. Chlorination of pools can lead to some allergic reactions to skin and eyes for people who spend a long time in the pool. It can also have adverse effects for people with sensitive skin and existing allergies even if they step inside the pool for a few moments. We recommend chlorination as a more budget-friendly option and with controlled amounts as one of the sanitization methods.

Salt Sanitization- Salt Chlorination is a very effective way of sanitizing pools. Since it breaks itself down to hypochlorous acid from salt and water. Hypochlorous acid sanitizes the pool and then recycles itself back to the salt form thereby, reducing the harsh effects on skin and eyes. This is a huge advantage since it does not have any adverse effects for those who use the pool on regular basis - no skin breakouts or eyesores. 

This method can be considered an investment as there is a one-time installation fee for the system and a yearly fee for replacing the electrode. In terms of maintenance, if you want consistent sanitization without harsh effects, this is an ideally sustainable method for you.

Sanitization by Ionization - Ionization is a method where copper and silver ions are discharged into the water to kill germs and bacteria in the pool. Ions are discharged via the process of electrolysis. This is a cost-effective method because the electrodes that discharge ions can be stored for months. Not only does ionization not have any harmful effects on the body, but it also reduces chemical activity in the pool. However, it does not completely eradicate contamination. You can always strike a balance between using ionization and very small trace levels of chlorine to keep your pool clean and fresh. 

We listed some of the most convenient methods of sanitization for your swimming pool with both pros and cons. Make your pick wisely and according to your needs following our guide.

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