Landscape Design & Build

With proper landscaping services, a garden can give you the great feeling of being in tune with mother nature in your own home.

At Silver Fox, we offer comprehensive solutions, from design to construction. We cover all areas of outdoor landscaping services from softscapes, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, natural lawn, irrigation systems, artificial grass installations, and more.


Family Garden

A formal design with dedicated areas for planting flower borders and beds, fruit and possibly vegetables, a patio or terrace and a safe space where children can play.

Outdoor Living Room

More outdoor room than a backyard, this sort of design has little to no lawn and requires minimal maintenance. Looks even better with a patio, low walls, steps, and perhaps a swimming pool.

Secluded Sanctuary

Where privacy is a priority or where the garden can be seen from above, this type of design usually employs a pergola or arbor and plenty of climbing plants and trees for a more secluded private feel.

Cottage Garden

A more informal layout that contains a wide variety of interesting plants and feature elements; a water feature as a focal point works well with this style.

Open-Plan Garden

This type of garden is generally low-maintenance and ideal for light recreation, with good views of the surrounding landscape. 

Vegetable Garden

Very little comes close to the joy of creating meals with vegetables you have grown yourself. We design and create vegetable gardens best suited to your needs.


Renovating Existing Gardens

Every garden can benefit from new plants, a decent pruning or a new feature. We are able to work with what already exists to give an old garden a new burst of life. Like very few other companies in the region, we present you with comprehensive solutions: from re-design, BOQ & costing, maintenance & professional advice at any time.


We prepare a garden design after taking into consideration the site conditions, demands, limitations and assets of your property and follow classic design principals – line, form, color, scale, texture, harmony, balance, selection, & focus. Designs are then presented in the form of 2D drawings or optional 3D renderings.

Landscape Maintenance

Depending on the size & design of your garden, we will recommend a maintenance service schedule that will suit your specific requirements (typically twice a week). Our qualified staff provides dependable landscape maintenance to have your outdoor space as clean and crisp as ever. Quality maintenance performed on a consistent basis is essential to preserving the beauty and functionality of your property’s landscape.


We consider our landscape design process to be a team effort that includes you. We start by exploring your property, we listen to your preferences, ideas, family’s needs and wants for a garden, and how you maintain and use your current garden. Your home’s architecture, as well as your own personality, are also key factors.

Quantities & Costing

After a design is finalized and agreed upon, we prepare a bill of quantities & costing. We then recommend materials best suited for different areas based on our consultation and a design that fits within your economical preference.


Cemented areas, dainty steps, and walkways have a charm of their own and are considerably lower in terms of maintenance. We offer planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance of everything from patios to retaining walls. The options can range from a solid modern look to the rustic retro, dated feel – options are literally endless.


We fertilize and treat your lawn, garden, trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and growing. We also offer organic fertilizing, weed control, hydro seeding, and insect/disease control on a regular basis as part of our regular maintenance program.


Fences serve as more than just dividers. They create aesthetic borders, helping you divide your yard into zones and themes. A well-designed fence can really add to the look and feel of your backyard.


A well-engineered irrigation system and network can keep the yard green while also being cost-effective and low maintenance. We care about the environment and water conservation and hence use the best quality systems to fully cover all irrigation areas.



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