Silver Fox Contracting LLC.
Service Department.
Terms of Service.
Updated 15th December 2019.

Our dedicated garden service program is designed to ensure your garden looks its best, all year round. These are the specific tasks we carry out:

On a weekly basis:

  • Hedge trimming and shrub pruning to keep plants healthy and neat
  • Prune trees to shape (max. height of 3m)
  • Weeding of planting beds and potted vegetation
  • Monitoring of pests and diseases
  • Manually water potted and hanging plants
  • Sweep all patios (interlock & tiles)

On a monthly basis or when necessary:  

  • Spray herbicide on interlock to control weeds
  • Spraying of pesticide as preventative measure
  • Check irrigation system

Per season (during March and October):  

  • Fertilizing planting areas as well as all potted plants and trees
  • Flush irrigation system and reset automated timer according to seasonal watering requirements. Clean blocked sprinklers nozzles and drippers. However, should the system require replacement parts, you will be informed and a quotation will be presented for your approval before work commences
  • Transplant of small to medium size shrubs to more suitable positions when necessary
  • Repot existing potted plants to bigger containers (drainage stone and potting soil not included)
  • Supply and plant of seasonal flowers if required and subject to availability; charged separately


  • We shall visit your site weekly once.
  • Daily watering to be carried out by client; we recommend an automated irrigation system be installed.
  • Removal of dog feces does not fall under our scope; kindly make necessary arrangements for the same.
  • Fruit trees and vegetable gardens are personal, and therefore we will not maintain these areas.
  • Should you require additional plants, flowers or trees, it shall be provided and planted at an extra cost
  • Plants damaged by vandalism, animals or force majeure shall be replaced at an extra cost to client, if required.
  • Trees larger than 3m in height that require cutting and pruning will be quoted for and charged accordingly.
  • Disposal of green waste, which will be in the result of seasonal trimming, pruning and cutting of green/unripe fruits is not covered in this contract. AED 500/trip will be charged for the transportation and disposal of green waste.
  • Plantae are living organisms, and even the best gardens experience problems such as insects, pests, disease, rot, infection and airborne pathogens. We try and minimize these unwanted incidents, however, in the unfortunate event of a disease, please be patient while we try and eliminate the problem as soon as possible. Please note that we shall not be held responsible for any loss under any and all circumstances.
  • As a company we strive to be ‘green’. We propose to our clients to use organic slow release fertilizers & herbal pesticides and only use chemicals when necessary and in small quantities.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the irrigation system functions correctly. If for any reason the irrigation system does not function, or malfunctions, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Any minor remedial works that may be necessary and can be carried out during the time of routine maintenance will not be subject to any additional charges. However, any additional labor and parts, other than required for routine maintenance, is not included and is subject to an extra charge.
  • Our scope of works does not cover any civil works, nor any failure of equipment due to manufacturing defects unless these are covered by an existing warranty or maintenance period related to us having installed the irrigation system and/or specific item.
  • We shall provide our own equipment and supplies for caring for your garden; however, a garden hose connected to a water supply point is to be provided by client.
  • Water and electricity to be provided by the client at no charge to us.
  • Cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, pressure washing or any kind of cleaning to the areas other than the garden area does not fall under our scope of work. Our services are strictly limited to green areas.
  • We kindly ask if you would keep your dogs locked away from the maintenance crew for the duration of our site visit.
  • We take no responsibility of any children and/or pets left unattended at any time when the maintenance crew is onsite.
  • Our responsibilities under this contract are subject to the garden being in sound and satisfactory condition prior to commencement of service. We are not responsible for any repairs resulting from improper or incorrect installation by third parties.
  • A complete inspection of the garden will be done prior to Silver Fox taking over the garden maintenance. Any ‘defects’ shall be repaired additional to our maintenance schedule and cost.
  • Clients are requested to contact the office directly in order to convey comments and complaints, rather than entering into discussions with the maintenance crew.


In any of the following cases, the next visit to the by our team will be on the next scheduled service day:

  • Electrical supply disruption, either directly from DEWA, or due to damaged or faulty supply lines that feed the hose
  • Inability to access garden due to a locked gate or no one to open the door to the garden for our technician
  • The scheduled day for the garden maintenance falling on a public holiday

Pricing, Validity and Terms of Payment

Invoices are generated automatically within 5 days of the new billing cycle. Services are rendered upon receiving your advance payment for the billing period. 5% VAT is charged on all invoices separately and additionally.

For your convenience, please note our banking details are as follows:

Account Name: Silver Fox Contracting LLC
IBAN: AE690260001014283737401
Acct No: 1014283737401
Bank Name: Emirates NBD

Alternatively, if you would like to pay using a credit/debit card, please reply to this email and we will send you a secure online link to make the payment. We do not process any financial or personal information on our servers and all transactions are completely handled by Network International and ENBD securely.

This service agreement is automatically renewed at the beginning of each cycle unless cancelled. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time giving the opposite party a 30-day notice period.

A refund for unused services shall be provided within 10 working days from the last day of service.

Continuation of our service is strictly subject to payment being received in a timely manner. Service shall be temporarily suspended incase payment is overdue by one month. We shall bear no responsibilities (financially, or otherwise) whatsoever of any damage to lawn, plants or trees during this suspension period.

Please note our terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. An updated and effective version is always available on our website www.silverfox.net/terms-of-service.